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Star Garnet

Star Garnet Gemstone 5.60ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 5.45ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 5.17ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 5.50ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 9.46ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 7.09ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 15.64ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 17.29ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 45.15ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 12.69ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 21.14ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 20.94ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 38.71ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 18.07ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 14.74ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 12.23ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 10.62ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 10.32ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 8.89ct India

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Star Garnet Gemstone 7.88ct India

Original price was: 30.74$.Current price is: 23.64$.
SKU: AK00240

Star Garnet Gemstone: A Celestial Beauty

Star Garnet gemstones, renowned for their mesmerizing asterism and deep, velvety hues, are a celestial marvel that captivates the eye and soul alike. With their striking star-shaped pattern, Star Garnets evoke a sense of wonder and mystique, making them a prized addition to any gemstone collection. At, we invite you to explore the allure and potential benefits of Star Garnet gemstones.

The Enigmatic Characteristics of Star Garnet Gemstones:

Star Garnets are a unique variety of garnet distinguished by the presence of asterism—a phenomenon where a star-shaped pattern appears on the surface of the gemstone when light is reflected off microscopic inclusions within the stone. This mesmerizing effect is often likened to the twinkling of distant stars in the night sky, adding to the gemstone’s allure and mystique.

Star Garnets typically exhibit a deep, rich red color, reminiscent of ripe pomegranate seeds. However, they can also occur in shades of brown, black, or green, with the most prized specimens displaying a vivid and well-defined star pattern. These gemstones are usually cut in cabochon form to enhance the visibility of the star effect, allowing it to shine brightly against the gemstone’s velvety backdrop.

The Potential Benefits of Star Garnet Gemstones:

In addition to their stunning beauty, Star Garnet gemstones are believed to possess a variety of metaphysical properties and benefits. They are often associated with strength, protection, and grounding. Star Garnets are said to enhance feelings of stability, security, and resilience, making them an excellent talisman for navigating life’s challenges with confidence and courage.

From a spiritual perspective, Star Garnets are believed to promote spiritual growth, insight, and intuition. They are said to facilitate a deeper connection to one’s inner wisdom and higher self, helping the wearer gain clarity, focus, and direction on their spiritual path. Star Garnets are also believed to provide a sense of spiritual protection, shielding the wearer from negative energies and psychic attacks.


Star Garnet gemstones are a celestial marvel that embodies the beauty and wonder of the cosmos. Whether admired for their mesmerizing star pattern or revered for their potential metaphysical properties and benefits, Star Garnets continue to captivate and inspire.

At, we take pride in offering a stunning selection of Star Garnet gemstones, each meticulously chosen for its exceptional quality and beauty. Explore our collection today and discover the timeless elegance and celestial allure of Star Garnet gemstones.

Properties of Star Garnet Gemstone

Chemical Composition: Fe2+3Al2(SiO4)3 Iron Aluminum Silicate
Hardness: 7.0 – 7.5
Specific Gravity (Density): 4.318
Refractive Index: 1.830

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