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About Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) Stone

Hessonite Garnet is called as Gomed stone in Hindi, Hessonite is the more common variety of Grossular Garnet which is a member of the Garnet Group of minerals that includes Almandine, Andradite, Grossular, Pyrope, Spessartine and Uvarovite.

There are other varieties of Grossular Garnet are Hessonite, Rosolite and Tsavorite. From the greek word Hessonite is named €œhesson€ meaning €œinferior€, because of its inferior hardness to other varieties of Garnet.

Hessonite Garnets Gomed Stones has been called €œCinnamon Garnet€ because of its color and these stones are range in color from cinnamon-brown to orange. By the chemical formula the Hessonite Garnets Gomed Stones color is addition of iron. Top major quality of Hessonite Garnets Gomed Stones are found in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Brazil and California, USA.

Grossular Gomed stones are also known as Grossularite, it is also a calcium aluminum variety of the Garnet Group. Grossular, the name is derived from the botanical name for the gooseberry, Ribes Grossularium, in reference to the green variety of Garnet that was originally found in the Vilyui River Basin, Eastern-Siberian Region, Russia. Hessonite, For garnet, name comes from the Latin word granatus meaning grain. These garnet stones are looking like rock and the dark red seeds of the Pomegranite fruit scattered on the ground.

Gomed Stones is most preferable gemstone

Originally Garnets is a name of a group, comprising a set of closely related minerals. Garnet stones are in all natural colors and available includes fiery Red Pyrope, vibrant orange Spessartine, and rare intense-green varieties of Grossular and Andradite.

Hessonite Garnet is one of the garnet and it is in Brown coloured grossular garnet. Generally Hessonite Garnet is called €˜Gomed in Hindi. It is also called €˜Gomedak€™ €˜Gomedhkam€™ or €˜Gomedham€™. The colours of Hessonite Garnet is Reddish Brown colour of the Garnet is most appealing and Other desirable tones are honey Brown or Cinnamon Brown. The Top most major origin and source for Hessonite Garnet Gomed Stones Currently, Sri Lanka is the source of Fine quality hessonite Garnets. Another sources are Brazil, Africa and India.

The price of Hessonite Garnet Gomed Stones are depends mainly on its Color, Cutting , Luster and Surface Finish. A Good Quality Garnet Gomed Stones must have a proper brown color. Presence of any undesirable color tone like Blackish or Greenish, is not considered desirable and brings its price down.

The Cut should be symmetrical and well-proportioned. Clarity and luster Gomed Stones brings out the best appearance of the stone. Low Quality Garnets Gomed Stones are often cut Poorly or in Cabochon shapes. Poorly cut garnets Gomed Stones are much cheaper and are not considered Gem-quality stones. The Stone should have a smooth surface.

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Return and Replacement for Gomed Stone

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Properties Of  Gomed Stones

Chemical Composition : Ca3Al2(SiO4)3 + Fe Calcium Aluminum Iron Silicate

Hardness : 6.5 – 7.0

Specific Gravity (Density) : 3.594 (g/cm3)

Refractive Index : 1.731 – 1.754 Isotropic. RI increases with increasing iron contents (usually Fe3+).

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