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About Opal Stone

The Romans considered Opal stone to be a symbol of hope and purity. In the past greeks Opal embodied the powers of foresight and prophecy. Most of the Arabs believes opal stones plays unique role interms of achieved opalescence by falling from heaven in flashes of lightning. Inrially Opal gets its name from Opalus and the ancient Latin name which was probably derived from the Sanskrit word upala, meaning precious stone. From the greek word opal literally means €œto see a change of color.€

Actually Opal stones comes in a wide variety of types and colors from many locations around world wide and opal stones found in many names as locations. Some Opal stones names are in reference to their locality such as Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy and Virgin Valleya and other are due to their color or type such as Hyalite, Water, Fire, Jelly, Milk, Black, Cherry, Common, Girasol, Crystal, Hydrophane, Moss and Harlequin.

Properties Of  Opal Stone

Chemical Composition :  SiO2 + 5-10% nH2O [Hydrated Silicon Dioxide]

Hardness : 5.5 – 6.0

Specific Gravity (Density) : 1.90 – 2.30 (g/cm3)

Refractive Index : 1.43 Isotropic

Opal Stone is most preferable gemstone

Many Opals stones are transparent in color but others are only known to be opaque and are made into beautiful cabochons with amazing color play like Australian Opals. Australian Opal stones are cabochons can have translucent to opaque white, gray or black body colors with beautiful color play on their surface. Some Transparent opals stones are may have solid/full body colors with no/none color play or they may be colorless or lightly colored but show beautiful internal color when play with all the colors of a rainbow.

These amazing internal color play when lighted from behind so these opal stones may be called Contra Luz or Precious Opal. Some of the opal stones from Ethiopia have both strong body colors and beautiful internal color play. vivid colors of yellow, red and orange colors usually found in Brazilian and Mexican. Colorless Opals stones are often called Jelly Opals stones, Water Opals stones, Crystal Opals stones, Girasol Opals stones or Hyalite Opals stones. Hyalite Opals stones from Madagascar is colorless with a soft, beautiful glow. There are also opaque Opals gemstones with no color play just beautiful pastel colors like pink Opals gemstones from Peru; blue Opals stones from Owyhee, Oregon; and pale green Opals stones from Siberia and Africa. The United states of america has several locations known for beautiful Opals stones including Idaho, Oregon and Nevada.

Although Opals stones are amorphous (no crystal structure) it does have a structure of sorts. Opal gemstones are composed of tiny spherical particles as a solidified gel also containing 5-10% water.  Since Opal gemstone contains water, it may also dehydrate causing it to craze, crack or become very cloudy or even opaque. This may be happens as soon as it is removed from the ground or years later. When this happens, a beautiful Opals stones may become ugly and worthless.  Of all the Opals stones taken out of the ground, 95% is valueless €œpotch€ and 95% of the remainder is low quality.

Where to Buy Opal Stone

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Return and Replacement for Opal Stone

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