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We are a Authorized Natural gemstone dealers in Chennai our shop named AK GEMS the 100% genuine gems Store Specialized in all types of Gemstone Such as Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and other Natural Gem Stones.  AK Gems 100% Natural Gemstone Selling Natural Gemstones to the Gemstone Lovers around the World which we do source from Globe across different Countries.

Established in 2003, AK Gems is Certified, Registered and Trust worth Firm in Natural Gemstones and we are Member of MJDMA. We have more than 20+ Years of experience on Natural Gemstones we provide quality gemstones to Wholesale and retail customers, we are known to our customers for Honesty and Trust worth Seller in the market.

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What We Do

Gemfame.com is a Ecommerce Online Portal from AK Gems. We at Gem Fame (AK Gems) Help and Guide Our Customer to Right Product and Right Gemstone Without Misguiding to the False Product We Sell Gemstone With Knowledge Based so That Buyer Can Get the Right Product.

The gemstones are the actually happening crystalline frame of a mineral, which is alluring for its excellence, important in its irregularity, separated from this it contains a conventional esteem and contributes in curing the maladies, procurement of riches, for peace and other life matters.

Gemstones are essentially rocks or minerals that are cut and cleaned to improve their common magnificence. They are of different colors and shapes. Human kind has continuously been interested by gemstones and their excellence. Nowadays, gemstones are utilized for galactic as well as fancy purposes. The wonderful cut, sparkle, and shapes draw in a part of individuals from all over the world.

Gemstones are fundamentally mineral precious stones which have astonishing brilliance and one of a kind shape. They were found and uncovered numerous centuries prior and ever since that time, they have kept up their position within the hearts of human creatures. It is accepted that gemstones have recuperating powers. In antiquated times, Lords and Rulers utilized to wear them as charms and ornaments that made a difference in securing them from apparitions and fiendish. Amid those times, gemstones were utilized as it were by the wealthy and regal course.

There are numerous sorts of gemstones accessible nowadays. They are characterized as valuable or semiprecious, natural or inorganic and characteristic or engineered. Jewel, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald are classified as Valuable stones and all other gemstones are called semi-precious stones. This classification was made amid antiquated times based on the irregularity and quality of the gemstones.

There are numerous reasons why you ought to wear gemstones. Customarily, they are accepted to expel all the negative energies joined to any zodiac sign. There are diverse gemstones for all zodiac signs, so you'll advantage a parcel by wearing a gemstone of your zodiac sign. Opal, yellow sapphire, emerald, ruby,  coral etc. are the names of many gemstones which are said to have extraordinary powers. It is said that they transfer energies to individuals by body contact and cures numerous infections. It is additionally said that they are bring great good fortune with them. So on the off chance that you're having issues such as marriage clashes, advancement issues or wellbeing issues, you'll be able wear a gemstone, and who knows, your good fortune may take a U-turn and things may begin falling into put!

We Are the Team with Highly Skilled and Trained on Gemstones and Gemology So That You Can Clear Your Doubts at The Time of Purchase, Our Team is always ready to Guide you.

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We GemFame Help and Guide Our Customer to Right Product and Right Gemstone Without Misguiding to the False Product We Sell Gemstone With Knowledge Based so That Buyer Can Get the Right Product.

Sunit BiswasSunit Biswas
14:12 01 Mar 22
Great experience Gemstones are Natural and really gives Astrological Benifits . Really me and my parents are benifited , got results WITHIN 2 weeks.
Raghuram AkellaRaghuram Akella
10:14 25 Nov 21
I purchased emarald stone without black spots which was my requirement. I am happy now as my hurdles are getting cleared stage wise. A K gems is very learned on gems and helped us in the same. I strongly recommend purchasing gems from Abdul Khadeer bhai.
GemFame is very useful for me.❤️❤️
shekar rajashekarshekar rajashekar
07:45 05 Jan 21
Nice Amethyst gemstones. Thanks
Raji KrishnanRaji Krishnan
14:02 19 Sep 19
Very good collections with reasonable price. Quality and service time to give product is amazing.Thanks to AK Gems and Ak Sir. He provides good guidance about Stone and origin. We can trust them. Thank you Sir for giving me good product & quick delivery.