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Rhodolite Garnet Stone is most preferable Gemstone

Rhodolite Garnets is a name of Garnet group Gemstone , it is a a set of variety garnet stones (minerals). Garnet Stone is available almost in all color naturally, includes vibrant orange Spessartine, fiery Red Pyrope, and rare intense-green varieties of Grossular and Andradite. Red Reddish Brown colour garnets stone are most appealing and more valuable and while Other desirable garnets stones are honey Brown or Cinnamon Brown color. Most of the Blackish tones must be avoided.

The Garnets stone are cut shape and it brings the best appearance out of garnets stones in terms of Clarity and Luster. There are low quality Garnets stones are often cut Poorly or in Cabochon shapes. Poorly cut garnets stones are much cheaper and are not considered Gem-quality stones. These garnets stones are available in smooth surface. These garnets Smooth Surface stones are ensuring that the stone reflects maximum light and shines bright.

Presently, the major source of top and fine quality of Garnets Stones are in srilanka and other sources world wide at Brazil, Africa and India.

Properties Of  Garnet Stone / Rhodolite Stone

Chemical Composition: Mg3Al2(SiO4)3 Magnesium Aluminum Silicate

Hardness: 7-7.5

Specific Gravity: 3.80

Refractive Index: 1.79

About: Garnet Stone

Rhodolite Garnet is species in the Garnet Group and it is in rose-pink to red variety of pyrope. Rhodolite name it self originally referring to a variety of Pyrope Garnet stones but nowadays Rhodolite name is used to describe just about any pink to red Garnet in the Almandine-Pyrope series. As per Chemically, Rhodolite stones are pure Pyrope Garnet stones and it mixture of about 70% Pyrope and 30% Almandine.

Rhodolite gemstones are variety in colors and these Rhodolite gemstones are from a purple-re or rose-pink to purple-pink and also raspberry-red. Garnets Stones: Many common red Garnet gemstones tend to be a very deep red with a brownish tint whereas Rhodolite gemstones are brighter and lighter because of its excellent clarity and relatively high refractive index (RI).

One of the major source of Rhodolite gemstones is the renowned Umba River Valley in Tanzania. Usually Rhodolite gemstones from this area are often called Umbalite. Also purplish color varieties of Rhodolite gemstones called €œGrape Garnet€ has been found in Brazil. Rhodolite gemstones was discovered in 1893 at Cowee Creek and Masons Branch Brook, Cowee Valley, Macon County, North Carolina, USA by Mr. A. M. Field of North Carolina, Asheville and was believed to be a variety of Almandine.

After analysis by Joseph Hyde Pratt (1870-1942) and William Earl Hidden (1853-1918) in 1898 they are determined to be a variety of mostly Pyrope and Rhodolite (Garnet) was named in 1898 by Hidden and Pratt from the Greek words ρόδον (rhodo), meaning rose, and λίθος (lithos) meaning stone, referring to its common rose red color.

Rhodolite Garnet distribution: at Brumado, Bahia, Brazil. At Lodwar, Lokirima, Rift Valley Province, Turkana District and Kenya. In the United States North Carolina, at Masons Branch and Macon County, and also found in China, Burma (Myanmar), Mozambique, Madagascar, Norway, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

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