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Fluorite Gemstone 6.48ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 85.21ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 40.83ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 3.58ct India

Original price was: 13.96$.Current price is: 10.74$.
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Fluorite Gemstone 4.86ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 6.95ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 5.16ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 6.56ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 5.78ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 7.37ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 12.08ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 10.57ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 80.61ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 6.38ct India

Original price was: 24.88$.Current price is: 19.14$.
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Fluorite Gemstone 7.73ct India

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SKU: AK12908

Fluorite Gemstone 6.38ct India

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SKU: AK12909

Fluorite Gemstone 8.23ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 7.77ct India

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Fluorite Gemstone 9.33ct India

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SKU: AK04290

Fluorite Gemstone 10.75ct India

Original price was: 58.70$.Current price is: 45.15$.
SKU: AK04289

Fluorite Gemstones: A Spectrum of Beauty and Healing Energies at


Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Fluorite Gemstones, where a stunning array of colors meets powerful healing energies. At, we invite you to explore the unique characteristics and benefits that make Fluorite a cherished gemstone, known for its captivating beauty and multifaceted properties.

1. Dazzling Spectrum of Colors

Appearance and Features: Fluorite is celebrated for its remarkable diversity of colors, ranging from vivid purples and greens to blues, yellows, pinks, and clear crystals. The gem often exhibits multiple colors in a single specimen, creating a visual spectacle that captivates the beholder.


  • Balancing Energies: Each color of Fluorite is associated with specific energetic properties. It is believed to balance and align various aspects of the mind, body, and spirit, promoting overall well-being.
  • Aid in Focus and Concentration: Fluorite is thought to enhance mental clarity, concentration, and decision-making, making it a valuable ally for those seeking mental acuity.

2. Healing Energies and Emotional Well-Being

Metaphysical Properties: Fluorite is renowned for its healing properties and is often used in energy work and crystal healing practices. It is associated with promoting emotional balance, grounding, and spiritual growth.


  • Emotional Stability: Fluorite is believed to absorb and neutralize negative energies, providing emotional stability and a sense of calm. It is a soothing stone that fosters peace and tranquility.
  • Chakra Alignment: The gemstone is thought to align and cleanse the chakras, facilitating the free flow of energy throughout the body. It is particularly associated with the third eye and crown chakras.

3. Spiritual Connection and Insight

Spiritual Significance: Fluorite is considered a stone of spiritual insight and enlightenment. Its unique ability to help individuals access higher states of consciousness makes it a valuable tool for spiritual seekers.


  • Enhanced Intuition: Fluorite is believed to stimulate intuition and psychic abilities. It is often used to enhance spiritual awareness and foster a deeper connection to the spiritual realm.
  • Protection and Spiritual Growth: The gemstone is thought to provide protection during spiritual journeys and aid in the expansion of consciousness, promoting spiritual growth.

4. Jewelry Design and Care

Versatility in Design: Fluorite’s vibrant colors and unique properties make it a popular choice for jewelry design. It is often crafted into rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets, adding a touch of brilliance to various pieces.

Caring for Fluorite: To maintain the beauty and energetic properties of Fluorite, it is advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and harsh chemicals. Clean the gemstone with a soft, damp cloth to preserve its natural luster.

Conclusion: Embrace the Radiance

Embrace the radiance and healing energies of Fluorite Gemstones from Whether you are drawn to its dazzling spectrum of colors, seeking emotional balance, or exploring spiritual insights, Fluorite stands as a testament to the beauty and depth found in the world of gemstones. Explore our curated collection and discover the captivating allure that Fluorite brings to the realm of jewelry and holistic well-being.

Properties of Fluorite Stone
Chemical Composition : CaF2 [Calcium Fluoride]

Hardness : 4.0

Specific Gravity (Density) : 3.175 – 3.184 (g/cm3)

Refractive Index : 1.432 – 1.448 Isotropic

Buy Fluorite Gemstones Online at Call for details at Mobile +91 9444456511, Landline +91 44 42333655.

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