Pink Sapphire

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About Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphires occur in shades from light to dark pink, and deepen in color as the quantity of chromium increases. The deeper the pink color the higher their monetary value. In the United States, a minimum color saturation must be met to be called a ruby, otherwise the stone is referred to as a pink sapphire gemstone where it is mostly used in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings.

How to Identify Pink Sapphire Gemstone?

A Natural Sapphire would usually have some inclusions and the decision about which gemstone to buy would depend upon budgetary constraints. As we sell only original and natural stones in

Why Buy Pink sapphire stone from GemFame?

Other online website sells heated or treated stone but we sell only natural gemstone in various sizes, weight, price, etc., We do not misguide buyers sell fake gemstones. Buyer can easily compare sapphire price in online and we are selling very competitive price in the online market.


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