Gemstone Certificate


AK Gems Proudly provide gemstone certificate for almost all the gemstone varieties. 

Gemstone certification can be quite a headache, and undoubtedly very right time consuming. Although many jewelers are professionals regarding diamonds, in terms of stones that are colored many jewelers have really limited knowledge. Jewelers will frequently try to identify a gemstone that is colored only on its appearance, but all of us know that gemstone identification by appearance is impossible! It is like judging a written book by its cover. Gemological evaluation requires equipment that is unique most jewelers merely don’t have.

For the above reasons AK Gems offers certification from well-respected laboratories that are National Gem Lab (NGL) Which is located in Chennai, India.

Gemstone official certification for items on our website is wholly optional. It can be requested from any one of our gemstone information pages prior to checking out if you would like official certification. We also provide complimentary company reports, which may be previewed before buying gemstones by clicking on “Certificate Options” above the ” Buy Now” button. When the gemstone is purchased, the gem that is complimentary can be accessed via the client account. Once you have purchased a gemstone along with the certificate you will get a certificate hard copy along with the Gemstone at the time of delivery and also you can access your report at our website by searching your report card number. 

Please see below for our official certification choices and details.