Grossular Garnet

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Why Buy Grossular Garnet from GemFame?

We have huge types of Grossular Garnet stone in various size, shapes and weight addition to that we also have big sizes, Pairs and lots. Usually amethyst stones are heated, Buyer can easily compare amethyst price in online and we are selling very competitive price in the online market.

About Grossular Garnet

Grossular garnet has the widest range of colours of all the garnets, from colourless to pink(rosolite), orange, brown or golden(hessonite) and green(tsavorite coloured by vanadium), and from transparent to opaque crystals. There are also massive specimens(those without a crystal shape) such as Transvaal jade, pink and green grossular(crystals and massive). Transvaal jade was first discovered in the Transvaal region of South Africa and resembles jade. Grossular is named after the yellow-green colour of a gooseberry(botanical name Ribes grossularia). Pinkish grossular from Mexico is known as rosolite; it also occurs in South Africa and Madagascar.

Garnets are found in metamorphic rocks, alluvial deposits, gem gravels and sand. Massive grossular of a gooseberry colour was first discovered in Russia and is now also found in Hungary and Italy.

Properties Of Grossular Garnet

Chemical Composition: Ca3Al2[SiO4]3 calcium aluminium silicate
Hardness: 7
Specific Gravity (Density): 3.57 – 3.73
Refractive Index: 1.734 – 1.759


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