White Topaz

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 Why Buy White Topaz Stone From GemFame?

We Sell High Quality Topaz Stone in reasonable price, We have various types of Colors, Sizes, Shapes, Weight, Cut, Lots, Pairs and Various Origins. We Ship Through Reputed Courier Service to Deliver Your Order within Timeline, We also Provide 30 Days Replacement /  Refund for All Products.

About: Topaz Gemstone

Topaz is an abundant and popular gem available in a wide variety of colors like Blue topaz, White topaz, Yellow Topaz, Pink topaz, Gold topaz, Imperial topaz and orange topaz. These colors have been given commercial names such as London Blue, Swiss Blue and Sky Blue. Treated Topaz is also available in shades of green from Teal Green to Emerald Green. Another Topaz treatment is to put a very thin titanium coating on the pavillion of a faceted gem resulting in a rainbow of colors. This gem goes by the commercial name of Mystic Topaz.

Very large Topaz crystals have been found weighing hundreds of pounds. These crystals are often very gemmy and have produced faceted gems of up to 20,000 carats! Possibly the largest faceted gemstone in the world is a light blue Topaz (treated) from Brazil weighing 21,327 carats cut in an emerald shape called the Brazilian Princess. Many of the other colors of natural Topaz (yellow, orange, pink, red) are found as much smaller crystals. Natural orange Topaz is oftern called “”Imperial”” or “”Precious”” Topaz.

There are many locations worldwide where Topaz can be found. A few locations for the finest specimens include near Mursinka, Ural Mountains, Russia; the Skardu and Gilgit districts, Pakistan; the Mogok district, Myanmar (Burma); Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil; Tepetate, San Luis Potosi, Mexico; and in the USA at Ramona, San Diego County, California; Devils Head, Douglas County, Colorado; the Thomas Range, Juab County, Utah, USA.

Properties of Topaz Stone

Chemical Composition :  Al2SiO4(F,OH)3 Aluminim Silicate Fluoride Hydroxide

Hardness : 8.00Moh

Specific Gravity (Density) : 3.49 – 3.57 (g/cm3)

Refractive Index : 1.606 – 1.644 Biaxial ( + ) (DR)


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