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Quartz Gemstone

White Quartz 2.24ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 8.74$.Current price is: 6.72$.
SKU: AK19736

White Quartz 2.74ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 10.68$.Current price is: 8.22$.
SKU: AK19735

White Quartz 4.22ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 16.45$.Current price is: 12.66$.
SKU: AK19733

White Quartz 4.07ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 15.87$.Current price is: 12.21$.
SKU: AK19731

White Quartz 2.80ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 10.92$.Current price is: 8.40$.
SKU: AK19686

White Quartz 4.41ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 17.20$.Current price is: 13.23$.
SKU: AK19687

White Quartz 4.18ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 16.30$.Current price is: 12.54$.
SKU: AK19685

White Quartz 4.12ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 16.07$.Current price is: 12.36$.
SKU: AK19682

White Quartz 4.03ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 15.71$.Current price is: 12.09$.
SKU: AK19681

White Quartz 120.65ct Gemstone India

Original price was: 564.73$.Current price is: 434.41$.
SKU: AK19261

White Quartz 81.51ct Gemstone India

Original price was: 317.93$.Current price is: 244.56$.
SKU: AK19262

White Quartz 58.83ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 275.36$.Current price is: 211.82$.
SKU: AK19260

White Quartz 54.36ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 254.44$.Current price is: 195.73$.
SKU: AK19259

White Quartz 77.72ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 363.78$.Current price is: 279.84$.
SKU: AK19258

White Quartz 110.41ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 516.79$.Current price is: 397.54$.
SKU: AK19257

White Quartz 94.84ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 442.83$.Current price is: 341.48$.
SKU: AK19256

White Quartz 99.74ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 466.85$.Current price is: 359.12$.
SKU: AK19255

White Quartz 44.25ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 172.60$.Current price is: 132.77$.
SKU: AK13430

White Quartz 2.63ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 10.25$.Current price is: 7.89$.
SKU: AK11800

White Quartz 1.84ct Natural Gemstone India

Original price was: 86.13$.Current price is: 66.25$.
SKU: AK11789

Unveiling the Marvels of Quartz Gemstones: A Comprehensive Guide

Quartz gemstones, renowned for their stunning beauty and versatile properties, hold a special place in the world of gemstone enthusiasts. At, we invite you to explore the enchanting realm of Quartz Gemstones, uncovering their origins, characteristics, and the myriad benefits they offer.

Formation and Characteristics:

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth, found in a wide array of geological environments. It crystallizes in the hexagonal system, forming six-sided prisms with pointed terminations. Quartz gemstones exhibit a remarkable range of colors, including clear, white, pink, purple, yellow, and smoky hues. Their transparency, luster, and hardness make them prized additions to jewelry and decorative items.

Metaphysical Properties:

Quartz gemstones are esteemed for their potent metaphysical properties, believed to amplify energy and intention. They resonate with all chakras, aligning and balancing the body’s energy centers to promote overall harmony and well-being. Quartz crystals are revered for their ability to enhance spiritual growth, clarity of thought, and manifestation abilities, making them invaluable tools for meditation and healing practices.

Physical Healing Benefits:

Beyond their metaphysical attributes, Quartz gemstones are thought to offer a range of physical healing benefits. Clear Quartz, in particular, is believed to stimulate the immune system and promote overall vitality. Rose Quartz is associated with matters of the heart, fostering emotional healing and harmony in relationships. Amethyst is prized for its ability to alleviate stress, soothe headaches, and support restful sleep.

Emotional and Mental Well-being:

Quartz gemstones play a vital role in supporting emotional and mental well-being. They help dispel negative energy and promote a sense of calm, clarity, and inner peace. Quartz crystals are often used to enhance focus, concentration, and memory, making them valuable aids for students and professionals alike. Their gentle energy encourages self-love, compassion, and forgiveness, fostering a positive outlook on life.

Jewelry and Fashion:

Quartz gemstones are cherished for their versatility in jewelry design. Whether showcased as statement pieces or used as accent stones, they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any ensemble. From delicate pendants and earrings to bold statement necklaces and bracelets, Quartz gemstones offer endless possibilities for expressing individual style and personality.

Experience the Magic:

Embark on a journey of discovery with Quartz Gemstones at and unlock the transformative power they hold. Whether you’re drawn to their radiant beauty, metaphysical properties, or healing benefits, Quartz invites you to embrace its timeless allure and embark on a path of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.

Properties of Quartz

Chemical Composition: SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide)

Hardness: 7.00Moh

Specific Gravity (Density) :2.60 – 2.65

Refractive Index: 1.543 – 1.554(DR)

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