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Golden Moonstone

Golden Moonstone 4.86ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 90.99$.Current price is: 70.00$.
SKU: AK13337

Golden Moonstone 5.22ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 97.73$.Current price is: 75.18$.
SKU: AK13336

Golden Moonstone 6.48ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 121.32$.Current price is: 93.33$.
SKU: AK13335

Golden Moonstone 6.57ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 123.01$.Current price is: 94.62$.
SKU: AK13334

Golden Moonstone 7.56ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 141.54$.Current price is: 108.88$.
SKU: AK13333

Golden Moonstone 9.62ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 180.11$.Current price is: 138.55$.
SKU: AK13331

Golden Moonstone 6.44ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 120.57$.Current price is: 92.75$.
SKU: AK13332

Golden Moonstone 5.45ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 102.04$.Current price is: 78.49$.
SKU: AK13330

Golden Moonstone 6.30ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 117.95$.Current price is: 90.73$.
SKU: AK13329

Golden Moonstone 14.68ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 274.84$.Current price is: 211.43$.
SKU: AK13328

Golden Moonstone 8.32ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 155.77$.Current price is: 119.83$.
SKU: AK13327

Golden Moonstone 9.30ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 174.12$.Current price is: 133.94$.
SKU: AK13325

Golden Moonstone 7.94ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 148.66$.Current price is: 114.35$.
SKU: AK13326

Golden Moonstone 7.27ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 136.11$.Current price is: 104.70$.
SKU: AK13324

Golden Moonstone 8.57ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 160.45$.Current price is: 123.43$.
SKU: AK13323

Golden Moonstone 11.22ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 210.07$.Current price is: 161.59$.
SKU: AK13322

Golden Moonstone 17.67ct Natural Gemstone Ceylon

Original price was: 330.83$.Current price is: 254.49$.
SKU: AK13321

Golden Moonstones: Illuminating Elegance and Mystical Energies

Golden Moonstones, with their ethereal glow and captivating charm, stand as a testament to the enchanting beauty found in nature’s treasures. proudly presents a curated collection of Golden Moonstones, each radiating a unique brilliance and carrying metaphysical significance.

A Dance of Light and Color:

Golden Moonstones, also known as Peach Moonstones, display a captivating interplay of light and color, reminiscent of moonlight on a summer night. The stone’s golden sheen, combined with a translucent quality, creates an otherworldly effect that sets it apart from other gemstones. offers a diverse range of Golden Moonstones, allowing customers to explore the mesmerizing variations within this enchanting gem.

Metaphysical Properties:

Beyond their visual appeal, Golden Moonstones are revered for their metaphysical properties. In various cultures, Moonstones are associated with the divine feminine energy and are believed to enhance intuition and emotional balance. Golden Moonstones, in particular, are thought to bring a sense of calm and joy to the wearer, fostering positive energies and inner harmony. invites customers to explore the metaphysical benefits associated with Golden Moonstones, guiding them toward a gemstone that resonates with their spiritual aspirations.

Jewelry Designs and Fashion Trends:

The versatile and timeless appeal of Golden Moonstones makes them a popular choice for various jewelry designs. showcases Golden Moonstones in classic settings, modern designs, and bespoke creations. From rings and earrings to necklaces and bracelets, Golden Moonstones add a touch of elegance and mystique to any jewelry collection. The subtle golden hue complements a range of styles, making it a versatile gem for both casual and formal occasions.

Care and Maintenance:

To preserve the radiance of Golden Moonstone jewelry, proper care is essential. provides practical tips for cleaning and storing Golden Moonstones, ensuring that their natural glow remains intact over time. As with any gemstone, avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals and abrasive materials contributes to the gemstone’s longevity.

Explore Golden Moonstones at invites customers to embark on a journey into the world of Golden Moonstones. Each gemstone in our collection is selected for its quality, uniqueness, and captivating beauty. Whether you are drawn to Golden Moonstones for their aesthetic charm or seek their metaphysical benefits, offers a curated selection to suit various preferences. Begin your exploration of Golden Moonstones and discover the allure of these mystical gems at today.

Properties of Moonstone

Chemical Composition: KAlSi3O8

Hardness: 6.0 – 6.5

Specific Gravity (Density) : 2.56 – 2.59

Refractive Index: 1.520 – 1.525

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