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Chemical Composition : NaCa2(Si3O8)(OH)

Hardness : 4.5 – 5.0

Specific Gravity (Density) : 2.74 – 2.88 (g/cm3)

Refractive Index : 1.594 – 1.642 Biaxial ( + )

Most Pectolite is found as opaque massive material that takes a good shine and is suitable for cabochons. Larimar is a beautiful pale to dark blue type of Pectolite from the Dominican Republic. The blue color is due to copper. Larimar is the trade name for Pectolite only from this location and is considered the best and most beautiful Pectolite cabochon material in the world. Several other locations worldwide also produce opaque material suitable for cabochons but these are usually white to gray. Material from Magnet Cove, Arkansas, USA and Greenland is a pale pink due to manganese. The only source of transparent Pectolite crystals that could be faceted is the Thetford Mines, Quebec, Canada. A very small find there in 1973 produced pale blue-green and colorless crystals up to 5 inches long. Only a few faceted gems have been cut from this find and are the only known faceted Pectolite gems known to exist.


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