Phosphophyllite: Gemstone Information

Phosphophyllite is Zn2(Fe2,Mn2)(PO4)24H2O and forms bluish- or sea-green monoclinic thick tabular crystals with numerous other forms,fish-tail and penetration twinning, a perfect cleavage in one direction and hardness 3–3.5, the SG is 3.08–3.13. The RI for the alpha, beta and gamma rays is 1.595–1.599, 1.614–1.617 and 1.616–1.620, biaxial negative,birefringence 0.021–0.033. Some specimens may fluoresce violet in SWUV. Phosphophyllite occurs as a secondary mineral in zoned complex granite pegmatites or as an alteration product of sphalerite. Fine specimens come from massive sulphide deposits in the Unificada mine, Cerro Rico, from the Siglo XX mine, Llalagua, Potosi and in the Morococala mine, Oruro, all Bolivia.