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Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz 47.84ct Gemstone India

Original price was: 223.92$.Current price is: 172.25$.
SKU: AK19270

Natural Lemon Quartz 45.15ct Gemstone India

Original price was: 211.33$.Current price is: 162.57$.
SKU: AK19269

Lemon Quartz 52.63ct Gemstone India

Original price was: 287.40$.Current price is: 221.08$.
SKU: AK19268

Lemon Quartz 49.84ct Gemstone India

Original price was: 233.28$.Current price is: 179.45$.
SKU: AK19267

Lemon Quartz 64.02ct Gemstone Brazil

Original price was: 299.65$.Current price is: 230.51$.
SKU: AK19266

Lemon Quartz 60.09ct Gemstone Brazil

Original price was: 281.27$.Current price is: 216.36$.
SKU: AK19265

Lemon Quartz 47.44ct Gemstone Brazil

Original price was: 148.03$.Current price is: 113.87$.
SKU: AK19264

Lemon Quartz 64.99ct Gemstone Brazil

Original price was: 304.20$.Current price is: 234.00$.
SKU: AK19263

Lemon Quartz 49.59ct Gemstone Brazil

Original price was: 232.12$.Current price is: 178.55$.
SKU: AK13427

Lemon Quartz 37.84ct Gemstone Brazil

Original price was: 147.60$.Current price is: 113.54$.
SKU: AK13426

Lemon Quartz 18.91ct Gemstone India

Original price was: 29.50$.Current price is: 22.70$.
SKU: AK09070

Lemon Quartz 15.08ct Gemstone India

Original price was: 23.52$.Current price is: 18.10$.
SKU: AK09069

Lemon Quartz 25.40ct Gemstone India

Original price was: 27.74$.Current price is: 21.34$.
SKU: AK09058

Lemon Quartz 42.64ct Gemstone India

Original price was: 33.26$.Current price is: 25.59$.
SKU: AK09057

Lemon Quartz 87.37ct Gemstone India

Original price was: 95.42$.Current price is: 73.39$.
SKU: AK09056

Lemon Quartz 102.29ct Gemstone Brazil

Original price was: 159.59$.Current price is: 122.77$.
SKU: AK09023

Lemon Quartz 248.65ct Gemstone Brazil

Original price was: 290.96$.Current price is: 223.81$.
SKU: AK09021

Lemon Quartz 14.02ct Gemstone India

Original price was: 21.87$.Current price is: 16.83$.
SKU: AK08910

Lemon Quartz 28.89ct Gemstone Brazil

Original price was: 135.23$.Current price is: 104.02$.
SKU: AK06924

Lemon Quartz 26.73ct Gemstone Brazil

Original price was: 125.11$.Current price is: 96.24$.
SKU: AK06923

Unveil the Radiance of Lemon Quartz Gemstones at

Lemon Quartz, with its vibrant yellow hue and sparkling clarity, exudes a sunny disposition that brightens any jewelry collection. Known for its uplifting energy and stunning appearance, Lemon Quartz is a popular choice for those seeking to infuse their lives with positivity and joy. Explore the dazzling beauty and transformative benefits of Lemon Quartz gemstones at

1. Captivating Brilliance of Lemon Quartz:

Lemon Quartz, also known as “Oro Verde Quartz,” owes its radiant color to traces of iron in its crystal structure. This gemstone boasts a bright lemon-yellow hue that ranges from pale to vivid, with a remarkable clarity that allows light to dance within the stone, creating a captivating sparkle reminiscent of sunlight.

2. Metaphysical Properties and Healing Benefits:

Energy Cleansing: Lemon Quartz is believed to have purifying properties that cleanse the aura and remove negative energies. It is said to dispel feelings of lethargy and fatigue, promoting vitality, and rejuvenation.

Manifestation and Abundance: Lemon Quartz is associated with the solar plexus chakra, the center of personal power and manifestation. It is believed to attract prosperity, success, and abundance into one’s life, empowering individuals to pursue their goals with confidence and determination.

Emotional Healing: Lemon Quartz is thought to uplift the spirit and promote a positive outlook on life. It is said to instill feelings of joy, optimism, and self-confidence, helping individuals overcome challenges and embrace life’s blessings.

3. Jewelry Design and Care:

Lemon Quartz’s vibrant color and sparkling clarity make it a popular choice for jewelry design. Whether set in sterling silver, gold, or platinum, Lemon Quartz gemstones add a burst of sunshine to any jewelry piece. When wearing Lemon Quartz jewelry, it’s important to handle it with care and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals to preserve its brilliance and luster.

4. Conclusion: Embrace the Radiance of Lemon Quartz Gemstones:

Experience the uplifting energy and dazzling beauty of Lemon Quartz gemstones at Whether you’re drawn to its vibrant color or intrigued by its metaphysical properties, Lemon Quartz offers a journey of positivity, abundance, and joy. Explore our curated collection and add a touch of sunshine to your life with Lemon Quartz gemstones today.

Properties of Lemon Quartz

Chemical Composition: SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide)

Hardness: 7.0Moh

Specific Gravity (Density) : 2.60 – 2.65

Refractive Index: 1.543 – 1.554(DR)

Buy Lemon Quartz Gemstones Online at Call for details at Mobile +91 9444456511, Landline +91 44 42333655.

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