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Calcite is really a mineral that is typical the world but faceted gems are rare since it is one of the most difficult gems to cut. The Calcite can be easily burned off by soaking it in acid. This is because of its low hardness (3.0), perfect cleavage in three directions and sensitivity to temperature. Calcite is just a calcium carbonate mineral, however the only one. There are three minerals, or phases, of CaCO3. Aragonite and Vaterite are polymorphs (Latin for €œmany shapes€) with Calcite, meaning they all have the chemistry that is same but different crystal structures and symmetries. Aragonite is orthorhombic, Vaterite is hexagonal and Calcite is trigonal.

Calcite is just a treasure that is beautiful is doubly refractive and available in many colours. Calcite is very extremely reactive to even the weakest of acids such as for example vinegar. Other important properties of Calcite are its fluorescence, phosphorescence, triboluminescence, and thermoluminescence. Not all Calcite specimens demonstrate these properties many do very well. Notable examples are specimens from Franklin, NJ-new jersey, USA where massive kinds of Calcite contain a small amount of manganese that causes it to fluoresce brightly under UV light that is red. Some Calcite specimens from Mexico can fluoresce purple that is beautiful blue colours and some unusual specimens will phosphoresce (continue to glow) even after the UV source is removed. Triboluminescence is another one of Calcite€™s properties however it is very hard to demonstrate. It should happen when a Calcite specimen glows (in the dark) after being put or struck under pressure. Calcite is very common stone and found worldwide.


Chemical Composition: CaCO3 (Calcium carbonate)

Hardness: 3.00Moh

Specific Gravity (Density): 2.7102 (g/cm3)

Refractive Index: 1.486 – 1.660 Uniaxial ( – ); anomalously Biaxial (DR)


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