Gemstone Enhancement

Unlocking the Mysteries of Gemstone Enhancement: A Comprehensive Guide

Gemstones have long held a special place in human culture, revered for their beauty and rarity. However, not all gemstones emerge from the earth in their most desirable form. Many undergo enhancement processes to improve their appearance or durability. Understanding these enhancements is crucial for both buyers and sellers in the gemstone market. Let’s explore the fascinating world of gemstone enhancement and the information you need to know.

Gemstone Enhancement Codes (predicated on AGTA guidelines)
The usage heat, light and/or chemicals or any other agents to lighten or remove a gemstone’s color. This could be followed closely by subsequent dying and/or impregnation.
Example: bleached cultured pearl; bleached/impregnated jadeite
The usage such surface enhancements as lacquering, enameling, inking, foiling, or sputtering of films to boost appearance, provide color or add other effects that are special.
Example: coated diamond, coated topaz (mystic topaz)
Dyeing (Staining)
The development of coloring matter into a gemstone so it can have color that is new intensify existing color or improve color uniformity.
Example: dyed jadeite that is green
Normally Enhanced
The “E” symbol is employed for gemstones which can be routinely enhanced. Because so many enhancements are difficult or impractical to show definitively, unless otherwise indicated, our approach is always to assume that such enhancements have now been placed on that gemstone that is particular. This assumption was created to protect both seller and buyer. Then the specific enhancement code will be used if a more specific method of enhancement is known.
The filling of surface-breaking cavities or fissures with colorless glass, plastic, or some substance that is similar. This procedure shall improve durability, appearance and/or weight.
Example: ruby
Flux healing
During heat enhancement, fluxes (or heat alone) enables you to heal fractures/fissures that have been formerly open. The method dissolves the walls regarding the fractures and redeposits the molten gem material, healing the fractures closed.
Example: ruby (particularly that from Mong Hsu, Burma)
The usage heat to improve color, clarity, and/or phenomena.
Example: Ruby, sapphire, tanzanite, aquamarine, demantoid garnet
Heating & Pressure
The usage pressure and heat combined to affect desired alterations of color and/or clarity.
The impregnation of a gemstone that is porous a colorless agent (usually plastic) to offer it durability and improve appearance.
Example: Stabilized turquoise.
The usage a laser and chemicals to attain and alter inclusions.
Example: diamond
Not Enhanced
The “N” symbol is employed to point 1 of 2 situations. First, there are particular gemstones which are not currently regarded as enhanced (alexandrite, some garnets, etc.) Second the “N” symbol could also be used for a gem where it could be proved via gemological or any other implies that a gem will not be afflicted by any enhancement.
Oiling/Resin Infusion
The filling of surface-breaking fissures with a oil that is colorless wax, resin or any other colorless substances, except glass or plastic, to boost the gemstone’s appearance.
Example: emerald
The usage neutrons, gamma, ultraviolet and/or electron bombardment to improve a gemstone’s color. The irradiation might be followed closely by a heating process.
Example: Blue topaz, colored diamonds
(‘bulk’ or ‘surface’)
Outside-in diffusion of coloring chemicals via high-temperature heat application treatment to create color and/or asterism.
Example: lattice sapphire that is diffusion-treated
The impregnation of a wax that is colorless paraffin and/or oil in porous gemstones to boost appearance. Example: jadeite


Gemstone enhancement is a common practice in the industry, aimed at improving the appearance and durability of gemstones. By understanding the various enhancement techniques and their implications, buyers can make informed decisions and appreciate the beauty of their gemstones fully. Transparency and honesty are essential in the gemstone market, ensuring trust and confidence between buyers and sellers alike.

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