Eosphorite: Gemstones Information

Forming a series with childrenite which has Fe Mn, eosphorite is Mn2Al(PO4)(OH)2H2O, in which manganese Fe. Attractive transparent pinkish orange crystals have been faceted. Crystals are monoclinic,pseudo-orthorhombic, hardness 4.5, SG near 3.1. RI is 1.63, 1.65 and 1.66 for the alpha, beta and gamma rays respectively. A specimen of yellowish brown colour from Itinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil, was found to have an SG of 3.08 and RI of 1.645, 1.680, giving a birefringence of 0.035. A brownish pink stone examined by a laboratory had an SG of 3.06 and RI of 1.640 and 1.668. This stone showed an absorption spectrum consisting of a very strong absorption line at 410 nm and a moderate one at 490 nm. Eosphorite occurs in granite pegmatites in association with Mn phosphates.