Anglesite: Gemstone Information

Orthorhombic anglesite is PbSO4 and may be colourless and transpar- ent. Shades of yellow, green or blue may be found, the mineral has ahardness of 3 on Mohs’ scale, an SG of 6.30–6.39 and RIs of 1.877,1.882 and 1.894, biaxial positive with DR 0.017. The lustre may be adamantine inclining to resinous or vitreous; and anglesite fluoresces with a weak yellow glow under SWUV. The mineral has a world-wide occurrence and is found in large crystals at various places in the USA.Anglesite was originally found in the isle of Anglesey and fine crys-tals have been found in the Leadhills district of Scotland. The best cuttable material is most likely to have come from the Touissit mine,Oujda, Morocco.