Majorite Garnet: Gemstone Information 

Majorite Name approved by the CNMMN of the IMA (1970). Named after Alan Major, scientist participating in a programme of garnet syntheses.
The first majoritic garnets were discovered in ultramafic xenoliths of South Africa kimberlites. Majorite is also known from peridotites in Western Norway and majoritic-like garnets can be found in various lithologies in the Bohemia Massif. It is also known from meteorites. Majorite is exceptionally rare.
Majorite Not reported as gem material. is found as minute purple, pale yellowish brown or colourless grains. The tiny bluegreen to lilac grains forms a series with pyrope.
Hardness: 7–7.5
Refractive Index: 1.80
Specific Gravity 4 (4 calc. end-member)