Oregon Sunstone

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Why Buy Oregon Sunstone at GemFame?

We have huge types of Oregon Sunstone in various size, shapes and weight addition to that we also have big sizes, Pairs and lots. Usually amethyst stones are heated, Buyer can easily compare amethyst price in online and we are selling very competitive price in the online market.

About Oregon Sunstone

Oregon Sunstone is a member of the Feldspar Group of minerals that also includes Albite, Amazonite, Andesine, Anorthite, Bytownite, Hyalophane, Labradorite, Moonstone, Oligoclase, Orthoclase, Sanidine. Sunstone is also called as aventurine feldspar. Sunstone is a popular name for Oligoclase and/or Plagioclase Feldspar showing flashes of colour like Golden rays. The glitter which is caused by light reflections from tiny hematite or goethite platelets. Sunstone is usually opaque or translucent. Transparent sunstone is rare and when found may be faceted rather than cut en cabochon, The usual cut for sunstone. In most sunstone, the flashes of colour due to the reflection of flat, platy inclusions of hematite and goethite(metallic minerals), Sunstone from Oregon(USA), Known since the 1990s, has copper inclusions. Care should be taken not to confuse sunstone with goldstone, the name given to an imitation made up glass with copper inclusions.

Properties of Oregon Sunstone

Chemical Composition: (Al,Si)4o8

Hardness: 6.0 – 6.5

Specific Gravity (Density): 2.64

Refractive Index: 1.54 – 1.55


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