Aurichalcite: Gemstone Information

Aurichalcite is a zinc–copper carbonate (Zn,Cu2+)5(CO3)2(OH)6. Orna-mental semi-translucent to opaque white and greenish blue banded material has been reported. The structure is fibrous botryoidal and the hardness and SG 1–2 and 3.64–4.23. The RI is approximately 1.63–1.75. Aurichalcite is member of the monoclinic system, orthorhombic by twinning. Fine examples have been reported from a number of sources, the Bisbee copper mine,Arizona, USA and the Kelly and Graphic mines,Magdalena,Socorro County, New Mexico, USA. Good material has been found at the Loktevskiimine, west Altaimountains, Russia. The name zeyringite should bereserved for aragonite coloured by oriented inclusions of aurichalcite.